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Building Design


  • The Young Quinlan Building exterior defines old-world elegance through its use of Kasota Stone and brick with detailed stone carvings and window treatments, tall windows and polished bronze doors and display windows. The Young Quinlan Building has truly retained its classic beauty and formal elegance.


  • The old-world style continues into the interior with terrazzo floors in the foyer leading to elegant elevator cabs, one is still operated by  attendants.


Floor Structure

  • Steel reinforced, poured concrete floors.



  •  2’ x 4’ and/or 2’ x 2’ recessed fluorescent or LED fixtures
  • Typical ceiling heights of 10’ (11’ windows)
  • 2’ x 2’ acoustic ceiling panels


  • There is one men’s room and one women’s room located
    on the second through fifth floors.


Loading Dock

  • The loading dock is open from 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Weekend and after- hours deliveries can be arranged through the Building Management Office. The loading dock entrance is located off the alley between Nicollet Mall and Marquette Avenue.

Building Systems

Energy Management System

  • Newly upgraded building energy management system that allows energy optimization, and more accurately temperature controlled climates for tenants.


HVAC System

  • The building is heated by a central induction system with individual radiation units located beneath the windows in tenant suites. Cooling is supplied by overhead diffusers with a variable volume of air from a central fan on each floor. Heating and cooling are provided by steam and chilled water that is purchased from the NRG Energy Center.
  • Operating hours are Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Fire/Life Safety

  • The building is fully sprinklered
  • Smoke detectors in lobbies, tenant areas,
    mechanical areas and egress hallways
  • Horn strobes throughout the building
  • Emergency phone communication in elevators
  • ADT monitors the fire panel the building smoke detectors
  • Heat sensor and sprinkler head tampering and flow
  • Interior and exterior security cameras located throughout the property


Fiber Optics/Telecommunications

  • Recently, fiber optic spines have been installed throughout the building to provide each tenant access to the faster, more secure, and more reliable benefits of fiber optics.


Utility Providers

  • Electrical - Xcel Energy
  • Telephone/Fiber Optics - Qwest
  • Steam - NRG Energy Center
  • Chilled Water - NRG Energy Center



  • 3,000 lb capacity (all cars)
  • 3 passenger cars (2 automated, 1 manual)
  • 1 freight car